Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dark Acolyte

Here is the list of  Dark Acolyte transmog set items:


  1. Beastwalker Robe is such a beautiful piece, sadly it doesn't drop anymore since the Shattering.

    Mogit actually has gear in its database that isn't available, which makes it a bit confusing. It used to have a drop rate of approx 25% Now it's listed as 0,3%.

    Shame, I like this robe a lot. But for people who already have it, jackpot!

    1. Its pity that we cant have it anymore. Its not the only item, there are other cool looking stuff like this; like Chan'a imperial robe and Chromatic sword :( its the product of Cataclysm which brought the new quest content. Many Vanilla drops dont match with the new content mobs because of increased mob lvl or the vice versa. Blizzard clearly failed in this respect, or they didnt give a damn anything about it because they were focused on cata world. I hope Blizzard may do something about it while MoP coming out


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